Ayumi Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 200g

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Cold-pressed, raw and 100% natural

Organic, raw and 100% natural. Ayumi Naturals cold pressed Coconut Oil is an excellent edible supplement, and can be used cosmetically as a moisturising oil. Renowned for its therapeutic properties. Coconut is traditionally known as the 'Tree Of Life'.

The cold-pressed oil possesses a unique group of Omega 6 essential fatty acids and phylosterols, and is delicious to use for cooking, in smoothes or in desserts.

Used as a natural anti-aging mosituriser. Coconut's essential fatty acids help to replenish and feed dry skin, and can be used as a conditioning hair treatment to nourish and protect dry and damaged hair.

Suitable for internal and external use.

Skincare: Our organically-certified and cold-pressed Coconut oil preserves the delicious scent of fresh coconuts, a gorgeous scent for skin. Deeply moisturising, Coconut oil is rich in essential fatty acid Omega 6.

Haircare: Renowned as an excellent hair oil, in India many women apply it daily after washing. Coconut is highly effective at reducing protein loss from the hair shaft and contributes to thick, strong and lustrous hair.

Massage: Coconut oil can be used to supplement Ayurvedic, Chinese and Aromatherapeutic massages. Combine with a few drops of your favourite essential oil for a readily absorbed, highly relaxing massage.

Balanced Diet: Coconut oil is used to support healthy cholesterol levels, metabolism, weight loss and maintains a proper digestion and immune system, due to its lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid content, and their respective antimicrobial, antioxidant, antibacterial and soothing properties.

Ingredients - Cocos Nucifera ( Organic Virgin Coconut Oil )

Country Of Origin: Philippines

Packed In UK