Who We Are


AsianDukan is a family run online grocery store with its owners having more than 45 years experience in the retail Asian grocery sector. Our parent company, Patel Brothers, was established in Tooting, South London in 1973. Our objective is to offer our customers a wide range of ethnic products and ingredients to a forever changing culinary market, through an easy to use online site that delivers straight to your door.

Patel Brothers didn't start off as a retail outlet but in our home in the early 70's, where Indian spices were rare to find on your local high street. The influx of Asian migrants, specially from East Africa, meant a demand in spices, lentils and even rice. At the time only a few wholesalers would stock these products and they would not be local. Papa would drive up to a place in East London and come back with a months supply. It was only when new-found colleagues would ask him to get supplies for them that he invested in a van and brought back sacks of spices and lentils. His colleagues would come home to purchase these products and soon the word spread. I still meet customers today, who will remind me of the days they use to come round to the house to pick up rations and now they only complain about parking. You can see where this is going.

There are four of us Papa, Mama, Sister, Brother and not forgetting our cat Zorro. We are passionate foodies; it's not everyday that you are born into a spice shop and most of the talk is about lunch and dinner.

We pride ourselves on our wide selection of authentic and hard to find Indian Grocery items. We believe that everyone should have access to those ingredients that give that ‘tastes like home’ experience and we do our best to help everyone to cook the food they love, with the best and most authentic items from Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern cuisines. So whether you just need one essential ingredient, or every spice from your new cookery book, chances are we'll have exactly what you are looking for.

Being passionate about our food and the quality of our products for our customers is our top priority. We aim to deliver the same quality in this online business of ours. Where customers use to come to our home. we are now coming to yours.


                   Cooking is the only art form that uses all five senses ~ Bhavesh Patel