Yogi Tea Men's Tea

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Strong, down to earth, spicy.

Ayurvedic blend with ginger, ginseng, chilli.

100% Organic, Naturally Caffeine Free

17 Tea Bags

A tea for everyone with strength of character.

Strong yet sweet. A rugged profile, yet with a soft side. Full of character - yet unimposing. The unrealistic ideal of the modern man? Don't worry! We're merely describing what makes our Men's Te so irresistible. This is thanks to a blend of roasted herbs and spices, ginseng, chili and mace. An inspiration for the masculine side in all of us.

Ingredients: Ginger* (15%), Cardamom*, Liquorice*, Carob*, Cinnamon*, Barley Malt*, Roasted Chicory*, Peppermint*, Fenugreek*, Fennel*, Mace* (2%), Anise*, Ginseng Root* (2%), Astragalus*, Turmeric Root*, Chilli Pepper* (1%), Cinnamon Oil*, Black Pepper*, *Certified Organic.

Contains Liquorice - people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

With our teas, the yogic wisdom on each tea bag and yoga exercise on each pack, we want to provide inspiration to you each day and contribute to a more peaceful and healthy world full of mindfulness and happiness.