Pukka Tulsi Clarity

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A sacred blend flowering with vibrant clarity

Pukka Tulsi Clarity 20 Herbal Tea Sachets

Tulsi is also known by the illustrious name of Holy Basil - renowned for enlightening humanity. Appropriately it's organically grown by a dedicated community certified.

In a busy world, we often seek space. Tulsi - sacred in its native India - is famed for this. This magical Rama, Krishna and Lemon Vana combine to sharpen your sense. Infuse, sip, let the clouds disperse and your wisdom arise.

Every Pukka tea uses the highest grade organic herbs. Each one blending our herbal wisdom with delicious flavours to help you lead a fairer, happier life.

Naturally Caffeine-free and ethically sourced, 100% organically grown ingredients.

Ingredients: Tulsi Leaf blend (green Rama, purple Krishna, Lemon Vana).

Made In UK