Pataks Biryani Curry Paste 283g & 2.2kg

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Biryani Curry Paste (Coriander and Cumin) Medium


Completely unlike your usual saucy curries, a Biryani is a dry rice dish with added spices & meat or veggies - the paella of Indian food if you will...... A Biryani is traditionally cooked in an oven, but you can use this Biryani Paste to create a restaurant-quality Biryani on the stove.

Ingredients - Vegetable Oil, Water, Coriander (12%), Cumin (10%), Salt, Garlic, Ginger, Spices (contains Mustard), Turmeric, Chilli, Acetic Acid, Citric Acid.

Vegetable Biryani Recipe - Serves 2


1 tbsp Vegetable Oil

1 Medium Onion, Sliced

200g Basmati Rice (Uncooked, Rinsed and Drained)

80g - 1/3 jar Patak's Biryani Curry Paste

250g Mixed Vegetables (fresh or frozen)

300ml Water

100g Fresh or Canned Chopped Tomatoes

1 tsp Fresh Chopped Coriander Leaf (optional)


In a medium sized pan, gently fry onions in oil until golden.

 Stir in Patak's Biryani Curry Paste add vegetables and fry for 3 mins.

Add drained rice, tomatoes and water, mix well and cover pan.

Simmer on a low heat for 10-12mins until rice is cooked and water evaporated.

Equally delicious with lamb or vegetables.

Made in the UK

This product contains mustard and may contain traces of peanut or tree nuts. Free from artifical colours and flavours Free from artifical colours and flavours Suitable for Vegetarians and gluten free. It is important that this product is not consumed uncooked.

Once opened, store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Use within 6 months after opening.

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