Maha Narayan Taila 100ml

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Maha Narayan Taila 100ml
Maha Narayan Taila is believed to relieve and free all the stiff and painful joints, repair the muscles by improving blood circulation.

Available in 100ml

Our clients can avail from us a narayana taila that is widely used by wrestlers for massaging their bodies, as it helps reduce local congestion and inflammation. Moreover, this oil also helps loosen stiff muscles and ligaments by increasing blood circulation in the affected area.

Widely used in Vata Roga, Pangu and Hunastambha, the narayana taila helps in curing:

Rheumatic disorders

Muscular Pain 

Pain in Points

Back-Ache Inflammation



How To Use:

Use a small amount of oil and massage gently into the affected area for 20 minutes. 

Ingredients - Withania somnifera, Solanum surattense, Sida cordifolia, Tribulus terrestris, Oroxylum indicum, Abutilon indicum, Sida veronicaepetia, Stereospermum suaveolens, Til Oil, Cow’s milk, Asparagus, racemosus, Cinnamomum camphora, crocus sativus etc.

Product Of India

For External Use Only

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