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Madhivala Pain Balm 25g

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Madhivala Pain Balm 25g
Madhivala Pain Balm for quick relief.

Available in 25g

Madhivala Pain Balm is used for quick relief of pain in joints, muscles, nerves, back, neck and shoulder, gout, sciatica, synovitis, sprains, dislocations, slip disc and spondylitis, colds, stuffy nose and sinus.

Ingredients - Each 100gms contains: Oil Extract Of Aamlanisha 2.0g, Oil Extract Of Nagaram 1.0g, Oil Winter Green 21.0g, Devdari Oil 22.0g, Peppermint Phool 2.5g, Oil Peppermint 4.0g, Oil Twacha 4.0g, Chinak 4.0g, Inert Base q.s.

Made In India

For External Use Only

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