Dharasana Malis Tel 65ml

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Relief from Arthritis, Rheumatism, Joint Pain, Sciatica, Swelling of Knees, Back Pain, Pain without wound.

Available in 65ml

Shah Maganlal Chunilal Gandhi took inspiration from Gandhji and made Lep and Malis Tel to give relief to freedom fighters from pain. This was a miracle product invented by Shah Maganlal Chunilal Gandhi. This Lep and Tel became very useful and popular and later called "Daharasa Lep" and Ayurvedic Dharasana Malis Tel.

The Dharasana Malis Tel helps with:

Arthritis & Joint Pain of the veins.

Sciatica, excruciating pain.

Swelling of Knees. Back pain without wound.

Sprain, overlapping of veins.

How to use:

Take a few drops in your hand & gently massage it twice or thrice a day in the troubled area.

Ingredients - Eucalyptus oil 4.5%, Camphor Oil 4.5%, Malakkna Oil 4.5%, Loban Ful 1.80%, Oil Rosa 0.68%, Sargava oil 0.68%, Oil Lemongrass 2.20%, M.P. Oil 0.55%, Mirban Oil 0.55%, Khakhan Oil 4.5%, Camphor 0.30%, Ajman Ful 0.30%, Eijmit Ful 0.30%, Sarisa Oil q.s.

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