Haldiram's Dal Biji 200g & 400g

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A Spicy Blend of Crispy Noodles & Lentils

Indian snack made of crispy gram flour noodles, lentils and musk melon seeds. 

A Spicy Blend of Crispy Noodles & Lentils

Ingredients - Chickpeas Flour (32%), Vegetable Oil (Peanut [PEANUTS], Corn, Palmolein & Cotton Seed) (In Variable Proportion), Lentil (22%), Mix Spices (12%) (red Chilli (1.80%) Aniseed Powder (1.70%), Black Pepper Powder (1.60%), Coriander Powder (1.50%), Cardamom Powder (1.20%), Cumin Powder (0.60%), Cinnamon Powder (0.58%), Mace Powder (0.57%), Nutmeg Powder (0.55%), Clove Powder (0.52%), Asafoetida Powder (0.47%), Fenugreek Seed Powder (0.38%) and Ginger Powder (0.36%), Salt and Mango Powder

Allergy Advice: Contain peanut components

Product of India

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