Natco White Poppy Seeds 100g jar

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Best lightly roasted before use, imparting a nutty aroma and crunchy texture to dishes. In India the seeds are usually ground, to thicken and flavour sauces. Tastes good in sweet pastries, breads and is ideal for garnishing vegetables.

Culinary Uses: Poppy seeds are tiny nutty-tasting, blue-grey seeds used to flavour breads, cakes, rolls and biscuits. In Turkey, they are ground and used in desserts, while they are ground and used to thicken sauces in India. The seeds are also found in noodle, fish and vegetable dishes in Jewish, German and Slavic cooking. Poppy seeds add a nutty flavour and texture to cookies, cakes, breads, strudels and pastry crusts, as well as pancake and waffle.

Ingredients - White Poppy Seeds

Country Of Origin: Turkey

Storage: Once opened remove to an airtight container. Store in a cool dry place.

Suitable for Vegetarians, Gluten Free

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