Natco Nigella Seeds 100g Jar

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Natco Nigella Seeds 100g Jar
Kalwanji Seeds

Available In 100g Jar

Natco Nigella Seeds, also known as Kalwanji, have a mild peppery flavour and are traditionally used in Tandoori breads, spice mixes (such as Panch Puran) and vegetable dishes. They also add a crunchy texture to salads, dals and grilled steak.

Culinary Uses - Nigella is used in India and the Middle East as a spice and condiment and occasionally in Europe as both a pepper substitute and a spice. It is widely used in Indian cuisines, particularly in mildly braised lamb dishes such as korma. It is also added to vegetable and dhal dishes as well as in chutneys. The seeds are sprinkled on to naan bread before baking. Nigella is an ingredient of some garam masalas and is one of the five spices in panch phoran. In the Middle East nigella is added to bread dough.

Allergy Advice - Packed in a factory that handles nuts in a separate area.

Storage - Store in a cool, dry place.

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