Natco Ajwain (Carom) Seeds 100g jar

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Also known as Ajwan or Lovage seeds.

Also called Ajowan, Ajwain and Carom. Whole or ground, the seeds of the umbel Carom Ajowan are used extensively in Indian cooking. A member of the parsley family, Ajwan has a flavour similar to Thyme but is stronger and less subtle.

Culinary Uses: Ajowan has a particular affinity to starchy foods like savoury pastries and breads, especially parathas. Snacks like Bombay Mix (namkeens) and potato balls get an extra kick from ajowan. It is also good with green beans and root vegetables. Lentil dishes and recipes using besan (chick pea flour). It is occasionally an ingredient of curry powder. Carom is an essential ingredient of certain masalas. It is used in India as a flavouring in paste form for vegetables, fried fish or chicken.

Ingredients - Ajwan (Carom) Seeds.

Suitable for vegetarians, Gluten Free

Country of Origin - India

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