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Fudco Crushed Chilli 250g

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Crushed Chilli (Chilli Flakes) - Fudco
Crushed Chilli Flakes

Whole dried red chillies crushed and flaked. This hot fiery spice can be used in place of whole chillies and releases its flavour quickly into dishes. Ideal as a seasoning for pizzas and casseroles. Use to spice up any dish as a sprinkling on top where it adds colour and texture as well as heat, or use in dishes as a substitute for whole chillies.

Culinary Uses: Many and varied uses, use wherever whole chillies are required or mix with crystal salt and black peppercorns in your pepper mill to make a spicy seasoning mix for general use.

Ingredients - Crushed Red Chillies

Country of Origin - India

Suitable for vegetarians, Gluten Free

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