Greenfields Dried Lime 75g

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Greenfields Dried Lime 75g

Greenfields Dried Lime 75g

The highly aromatic, somewhat fermented flavour notes in black limes complement chicken and fish particularly well. Surprisingly, one or two pierced black limes in an oxtail stew give it a welcome degree of piquancy. When adding whole black limes to a dish or putting one in the cavity of poultry before cooking, make a few holes with a skewer or the tines of a fork to allow the cooking juices to infuse with the tasty inside. Black limes may also be pulverized and mixed with pepper to sprinkle on chicken and fish before grilling, as a substitute for lemon and pepper spice blends. In Iran powdered loomi is also used to flavour basmati rice.

Produce Of Egypt

Store In A Dry Cool Place

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