Natco Paprika Powder 100g & 400g Packs

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Natco Paprika Powder 100g & 400g Packs
Add flavour and a reddish colour to foods

Natco Paprika Powder

Available in 100g & 400g Packs

Ground from finest quality capsicums, adds flavour and a reddish colour to foods. A sweet piquant spice. Paprika is a spice that comes from a mild red pepper grown in Hungary, Spain, South America and California. It is a brilliant red powder often used as a garnish. Paprika ranges from sweet and mild to hot. American paprika is the blandest, while Hungarian paprika has the greatest range of flavour. It is the primary flavour in Hungarian cooking, including dishes such as goulash and chicken paprikash. In the United States, it is often used as a garnish on stuffed eggs, fish, and cheese and vegetable casseroles.

Culinary Uses: Paprika is intimately associated with Hungarian cuisine especially paprikash and goulash. Many spiced sausages incorporate it, including the Spanish chorizos. In India paprika is sometimes used in tandoori chicken, to give the characteristic red colour. Paprika is an emulsifier, temporarily bonding with oil and vinegar to make a smooth mixture for a salad dressing.

Ingredients: Ground Paprika

Allergy Advice - Packed in a factory that handles nuts in a separate area.

Country Of Origin: Spain

Storage: Once opened remove to an airtight container. Store in a cool dry place.

Suitable for Vegetarians, Gluten Free

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