Natco Garlic Powder 100g & 400g Packs

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Natco Garlic Powder 100g & 400g Packs
Ground Dried Garlic

Natco Garlic Powder

Available In 100g & 400g Packs

One of the most commnly used spices in world cuisines. Natco Ground Garlic is a useful alternative to fresh garlic and can be used when preparing Indian pastes and curry bases. Mix with butter and herbs and rub into a baguette to make your own garlic bread.

Culinary Uses: The culinary uses of garlic are infinite and it is an important ingredient in the cuisine of most nations. A small amount will 'lift' dishes of meat, fish and vegetables and be virtually undetectable. Bouquets garnis sometimes include it.

Ingredients - Ground Garlic Powder

Country Of Origin: China

Storage: Once opened remove to an airtight container. Store in a cool dry place.

Suitable for Vegetarians Gluten Free

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