Natco Green Tuver 400g

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Natco Green Tuver 400g
Toover/Tuver/Pigeon Peas in Brine


Pigeon peas are an important legume crop. The Indian subcontinent, eastern Africa and Central America, are the world's three main pigeon pea-producing regions. The dried peas may be sprouted briefly, then cooked, for a flavour different from the green or dried peas. Sprouting also enhances the digestibility of dried pigeon peas via the reduction of indigestible sugars that would otherwise remain in the cooked dried peas. In India this pea is the most popular of pulses, being an important source of protein in a mostly vegetarian diet. In regions where it grows, fresh young pods are eaten as a vegetable in dishes such as sambar.

Ingredients -Tuver Beans (55%), Water, Salt and Citric Acid

Directions - Open the can, drain brine, wash before cooking

Product of India

Storage: Once opened, transfer unused contents into a non-metallic container, cover and refrigerate. Consume within 1 days.

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