Virani Gram Flour 500g

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Virani Gram Flour 500g

Also Available 1kg & 2kg bags

Virani Gram Flour

Available In 500g, 1kg & 2kg packs

Virani Gram Flour, sometimes known as chick pea flour, Virani gram flour is finely milled from channadal, a variety of chick peas, and is essential in Indian cuisine when cooking bhajees, pakoras and many traditional.

Culinary Uses: It is often stated that chana dal is chickpea flour, this is only true of inferior flours which are not true gram flour. True chana dal is made from ground chana dal - a kind of yellow split pea which is smaller and sweeter than chick peas. Chana Dal is often called "Bengal gram flour" which is a generic term for lentil flours given by the British who first imported lentil flours during the Raj. This is also a confusing term as the original lentil flours called Bengal gram were actually made from Black Gram but made and imported from Bengal. In some quarters the name has stuck, and Gram Flour is even today sometimes called Bengal Flour.

Gram Flour is most commonly used to make light tempura style batters which are lightly spiced and are used to make the fried snacks called pakoras or with onion to make bhajias (bhajis). A thicker mix is used to make the lentil shreds seen in Bombay Mixes and it is also used in some Indian sweets mixed with ghee and sugar or jaggery. It is a versatile flour and contains carbohydrate (therefore may not be suitable for people on low carb diets) but is gluten free and very high in protein.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Chana Dal

Storage: Once opened remove to an airtight container. Store in a cool dry place.

Suitable for vegetarians, Gluten Free

Country of Origin: Milled and Packed in the UK

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