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Natco Tamarind Concentrate (Paste) 300g

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Natco Tamarind Concentrate (Paste) 300g
Used in Indian and Thai cuisine to which it imparts a sweetish tangy flavour.

Natco Tamarind Concentrate

Available In 300g

Natco Tamarind Conentrate has a tangy, fruit flavour and sweet aroma. An essential Ingredient in traditional sambhars, rasams and hot and sour soups, it is also delicious with fish and poultry dishes. This thick, dark paste is normally dilutes with warm water before use. 

Culinary Uses: Usually it is the juice or paste that is used as a souring agent, particularly in south Indian and Gujarati lentil dishes, curries and chutneys, where its flavour is more authentic than vinegar or lemon juice. It may be used to flavour pulse dishes, rice dishes, or as an ingredient in sauces and side dishes for pork, fowl and fish. Tamarind contains pectin which is used in the manufacturing process of commercially produced jams, so it is a natural ingredient in many jams, jellies, fruit drinks, and is vital to Worcestershire sauce. In India, the ground seed is used in cakes. A refreshing drink made from tamarind syrup and either sparkling water or lemonade which is quite popular in the Middle East.

Ingredients - Tamarind Paste Concentrate

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