T.G Kait Rose Brand Rose Syrup 750ml

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T.G Kait Rose Brand Rose Syrup 750ml
Rose Brand Rose Syrup gives pleasure and enjoyment to the consumer as one can really taste and smell the natural fragrance and aroma of the Rose flower accompanied by a very smooth finishing after drinking it.

Available in 750ml

Rose Brand Rose Syrup is manufactured from Traditional Secret Family Recipe passed down from generations to generations. We only use carefully and specially selected natural Rose Extracts in manufacturing our Premium Product - Rose Brand Rose Syrup.

Ingredients - Sugar, Water, Rose Essense 0.45%, Preservetive Sodium Benzoate BPE211, Colour Carmosine E122

How To Make - Best consumed with fresh, sterilised or evaporated milk. After mixing, stir well. Use 1 part rose syrup and 6 parts milk. The syrup can also be diluted with soda water and ice to create a refreshing summer drink.

Produce of Singapore

Store in a dry cool place away from sunlight

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