Ayumi Natural Camphor Oil 15ml

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Camphor Oil For Use In Aromatherapy and as a Inhalant.

The tree that yields camphor oil, Cinnamomum camphora, is an evergreen with broad rather than needle-like leaves. The camphor tree originated in Asia but is now grown in other parts of the world, including the United States, Africa and Australia. The essential oil is extracted from various parts of the tree. These parts include the bark, wood and branches, although other camphor tree products utilize the tree's leaves and fruit as well as its wood. Manufacturers additionally isolate compounds of the camphor tree to create borneol, terpineol, vanillin, hydrocyanic acid and other products. True camphor oil is white because its therapeutic compounds are separated from toxic yellow and brown properties. Its smell is described as strong and clean. It is a thin, rather than viscous, liquid and blends easily with other essential oils. It has a cooling effect on the skin, similar to menthol or peppermint.

Traditional Uses

Camphor's traditional use, whether as an essential oil or as an herbal remedy, revolves around respiratory ills and sore muscles. Purdue University notes that camphor oil is especially important in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines. Camphor oil's is known for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and calming properties and its use in chest rubs and massage oils for aching muscles as well as coughs, colds and flu.


Much of camphor's traditional reputation, whether as an essential oil or as an herbal remedy, revolves around respiratory ills. The oil's vapors appear to stimulate mucous membranes in the respiratory tract, allowing for more-productive coughs. Rather than drinking potentially dangerous camphor leaf tea or exposing your skin to the essential oil through homemade chest rubs, consider using the inhalation method. While folk remedies often involved fumigation techniques to spread disinfectant herbal vapors, modern techniques achieve the same effect with essential oils. Add camphor essential oil to a vaporizer or essential oil ring.

Reparation and Usage


Direction of use: Sprinkle a few drops onto a handkerchief and inhale the vapour as required or place a few drops in hot (boiling) water and inhale the vapours for 5 - 10 minutes. Warnings & Cautions: This is not suitable for young children and babies. Children should always be supervised. Not Exceed the dosage as this can be very dangerous. People with Epilisy & Women that are pregnant should not use this product.

Storage Information: Store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight and keep tightly closed.

This product is Flammable, Keep away from any naked flames. Keep out of reach from Children